LeaderFEST 2016

Let’s visit the famous Health resort of Karlova Studanka in 8. - 10. June 2016 and take part in a traditional meeting of local action group representatives alongside with other European stakeholders active in rural development practic ing the method of Leader.

LeaderFEST 2016 JESENIKY is mainly focused on examples of good practice and experience sharing. The time will be devoted also to the future of program LEADER for the period of 2014-2020.



The subscriber fee

The subscriber fee is 1600 CZK. The payment becoming irreversible from 1. June 2016.

The costs of accommodation and food

  • 550,- CZK/ night including breakfast
  • dinner 135,- CZK
  • lunch 135,- CZK
  • evening rout 150,- CZK